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AlphaOne Filter

AlphaONE - More than a Bead Filter!

GC Tek States: The AlphaONE was first conceived over 7 years ago. About 5 years ago we enlisted about 60 willing participants, which consisted of dealers and pond owners, to help us with our testing and give us feed back. In two years of testing we received "0" negative comments. This surpassed even our greatest expectations. Some of these were new pond owners and many were previous owners of different types of bead filters.

We are part of the on going satisfied customers from GC Tek. Cots Koi Use and sells GC Tek AlphaOne filters. The flow rates are all consistent and they never clog up. The water parameteres are always spot on and the koi are always in great health with this Bead Filter system. 

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/ ALpha One 2.5
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/ Alpha One filter - Aqua Bead filter 4.25
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/ GC Tek Alpha One OR Aqua Bead 6.0
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/ Alpha One filter - Aqua Bead filter 9.0