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Most orders are shipped within 1 - 3 business days. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your order is received. Please note some products are "built to order" or subject to temporary back-orders, on rare occasion shipping for some products may be delayed up to 10 business days. We will alert you via email when these delays occur. Free shipping Items appy to the lower 48 USA states only. International orders will be responsible for country customs and fees and shipping.

To help ensure all orders are processed for our valued customers in the expedient manner possible, some products purchased from us may be shipped from different warehouses and therefore may arrive separately.

Sorry, no "rain checks" on advertised specials, clearance items, or out-of-stock products.

Please inspect all products purchased from us and report any damage to us within two (2) business days after receipt. We are not responsible for shipping damage reported to us after this time.

Return Policy

By purchasing products from us, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our sales policy, please contact us before purchase.

Absolutly no refunds or returns on Live Koi Fish. 

Warranty Return
We honor all warranty returns but all product returns must be approved through email first. We will not accept product returns without prior authorization.

All warranty claims are handled direct with the respective product manufacturer. If you require warranty assistance for any product purchased from us, we will gladly request a warranty claim / RMA# from the respective manufacturer on your behalf. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs in most situations.

Regular Returns
All returned items, except for warranty claims, are subject to a 25% restocking fee. No returns on specialty (non-stock) items, except in cases of damaged merchandise.

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Please inspect your order when it arrives for damage and verify your order is complete. We do not offer free exchanges or returns for damaged or incorrect merchandise received if reported to us more than five (5) business days after original delivery date.

All returned items must be received in their original packaging, unopened, and unused condition. If a returned item has been opened, appears used, and/or damaged in any way a refund / credit will not be issued.

For items originally purchased with free shipping, buyer is responsible for any applicable shipping costs for exchanges regardless of when the exchange is actually requested.

Buyers are responsible for actual shipping cost paid by us for returned items originally purchased with free shipping. This amount is in addition to applicable restocking fees.

We do not accept returns for non-stock items. This includes specialty items and other products shipped direct from the respective manufacturer.

Price Match Policy

We offer price matching on all MAP priced products. If you find it cheaper somewhere else on the web just let us know and we'll price match or even go lower then our competitor's price!

Some offers online are not a "good deal" be aware of companies selling out-of-date items such as koi food. We only sell items that are fresh and new. We will not compromise the health and beauty of koi for any reason. We value our customers and koi far too much to not give them the best possible attention at the given time.

Recommended Quarintine

Thank you for your Koi purchase from Children of the sun Koi.

Every Koi we have was hand selected by Wes Parker from some of the best Koi breeders in Japan. These Koi breeders are very skilled at what they do and their facilities are managed and maintained to optimize the Koi health. At our facility we follow stringent health management and maintenance protocols to further insure Koi health. Prior to your purchase or any Koi shipment your Koi has been examined to assure it is healthy before it leaves our facility. Once the Koi have been removed from the water that they were in and introduced to their new environment the Koi become the customer’s responsibility.

To further ensure the health of your new Koi, we recommend that you follow these few steps upon the arrival of your new Koi.

* Always Quarantine Your New Koi!

* Prepare a separate holding facility with adequate filtration and aeration to house your new Koi during the quarantine process.

* Do Not mix your new koi with any other koi.

* Assure that your separate holding tank for quarantine has acceptable water quality. Check the Ammonia, Nitrite, PH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Zero Chlorine, Oxygen levels, Etc...

* We recommend that your separate holding tank be pre-salted to a concentration of 0.4% before releasing your new koi. To get your water to 0.4% use 3.3 pounds rock salt per 100 gallons of water.

* Water temperature should be between 65 and 75 degrees F.

* Float the bags of Koi in the pond for 30 minutes to allow for the water temperature in the bags to adjust.

* Gently remove the Koi from the bag with a sock net and place them in your pond.

* Cover your holding tank completely. Koi tend to jump when they are moved into a new environment.

* Do not feed your new Koi for the first 24 hrs.

* After allowing the new Koi to settle in, carefully examine their condition.

* Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns about your new Koi.

By following these few steps listed above you will ensure your new Koi continue to thrive. We hope that this information will help your new Koi to acclimate into their new pond successfully. Please feel free to contact us anytime you have questions or concerns about your Koi health.

Thank you again for your purchase from Children of the sun Koi. We look forward to helping you with your Koi needs again in the future.



Wes & Michelle Parker