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Japanese Koi

Cots Koi features only Imported Japanese Koi

At Children of the Sun Koi (cots koi) our imported japanese koi are from the best breeders in Japan. All koi are received and quarantined to the fullest effort. We supply healthy koi to our customers around the US. We have developed great relationships with some of the leading breeders, like Dainichi Koi Farm and Isa Koi Farm for Showa Koi, for specific varieties of koi. You will notice that many of our koi are now selected by the breeder. 

Specializing in Showa Koi, Shiro Utsuri, Ki Utsuri and Hi Utsuri, we also offer many other varieties of koi. Kohaku and Sanke are also very popular for us. However, Showa Koi are some of our favored varieties to bring to the market today. 

Most all of our koi are from Niigata Japan, the Birthplace of Koi. The breeders in the Niigata area have been breeding koi for centuries. The landscape is picturesque and the mountains are tall. Its a beautiful place for the most beautiful koi in all of the world.

To view our koi simply click on a breeder and select an age to see the desired Japanese koi. Cots Koi attain koi from Tosai, Nisai, Gosai and Yonsai. Koi range in sizes from 3 inches all the way to 36 inches. There is no shortage of koi. 1000's are in stock at anytime of the year. We welcome your visit.