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Cots Koi Azukari Program

We are proud to offer Azukari (boarding and growing) to our customers. We offer 6 months and 12 months only. Prices are listed below. Koi are kept in the best facility and conditions. Water is maintained 60 plus degrees year round.

As a special, first in the industry program, you are able to auction your koi once a year at our annual Cots Koi Azukari Auction. This takes place the last Sunday of September annually. This allows you, the customer, to have more control over the koi that you purchase. If for any reason, you want to move on from the koi, you simply enter the koi into our customer auction-free of charge. 100% of the funds are allocated to the customer. Although we cannot guarantee a sold koi or that the koi will be auctioned off at a set amount, you have the right to start the auction price of your choice. 

Grow your koi at our facility with low risk and high reward. Our goal is to get your koi to the fullest potential to be able to compete at any koi show.

We cannot guarantee the longivity, quality or mortality of your koi in Azukari, much like the breeders in Japan. 


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