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Alpha One filter - Aqua Bead filter 6.0
6.0 CF

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/ GC Tek Alpha One OR Aqua Bead 6.0

Alpha One Filter - Aqua Bead Filter 6.0 

Now we're starting to talk big here. The 6.0cu.ft. AlphaONE boasts 6 cu. ft. of media and a carrying capacity of 300 lbs of fish. Something for the serious koi keeper. The koi keeper with a pond up to 17,000 gallons with flows up to 120 gpm. All this in a package only 30.5" X 36.75".

The AlphaONE filters were designed to be the most energy efficient filters on the market. Inside is more than double the lateral surface area with the proprietary Omnifuser technology, where the upper beads gather around the slots in the Omnifuser, than that used on any other filter.

Couple this with the highest flow multiport valve on the market and you have a filter that was designed to be energy efficient. By implementing these design characteristics the filter can save the end user hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. A smaller more energy efficient pump can be used to handle ponds that would normally have to have larger energy "hog" pumps to turn the pond over at the suggested rates...