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Alpha One filter - Aqua Bead filter 2.5
2.5 CF

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/ ALpha One 2.5

Alpha One Filter

The 2.50cu.ft. Aqua Bead Filter or Alpha ONE is the perfect filter for ponds up to 5000 gal. and fish loads up to 125 lbs. Flow rated at 70 gpm for bio-mechanical filtration. 21" X 34.5" allows you to hide this unit anywhere. Every option is standard equipment. The perfect filter for the majority of ponds.

This great filter comes in a small package allowing the user to enjoy the pond and not the filters. GC Tek Alpha one 2.5 has unlimited uses. The filter is commonly used in fish hatchery and heavy solid situations. The reason behind the multi usability is because of the high flow rate of the bead filter. A person can literally leave one of these filters alone for weeks without back flushing the unit and there will be barely any lost rate in water flow. Why is this important? It limits the amount of maintenance that needs to be done and allows the waterfall to appear beautiful all of the time.

We use these great filters in our facility under heavy loads and we love them. The clear lid is large and allows you to really see inside. The lid is easily removable and the filter is uniquely dependable and durable.