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Wes Parker
September 6, 2017 | Koi info | Wes Parker

Growing your koi for potential

The mystic koi. Oh, how we love to try and find the "one". All of us purchase tosai (1yr) koi and hope for the best possible out come. Many have the hope that this koi will be the future grand champion. Lets discuss a few things here about how to grow your koi to its fullest potential.

  1. Choose the right koi

Choosing the right koi needs to come from study of the Japanese breeders. Certain breeders will produce a different koi than the others. Example Isa Koi Farm breeders mainly Showa. Although we will see Sanke and Kohaku in his facility. On the other hand, a breeder like Otsuka Koi Farm will have a niche with Asagi and Ki Utsuri. This is one of the main points in growing a koi. Pick the right koi the first time. We won't get into detail of Koi judging at the moment. Thats for another story.

  1. Choose a good feeding program

Pick out a good program when feeding your koi. This means that if you work day hours or long hours you may want to invest in an auto feeder. This will allow your koi to eat while you cannot feed them. You can set the times with many feeders to feed 24 times per day. We are not suggesting that you feed this much, however we are mentioning that it is much easier to attain a steady food allowance to your koi while you are away.

  1. Choose the right koi food

The next point to think about is the brand of koi food to feed. Make sure to pick out koi food that has top quality ingredients like Nijikawa koi food. This will allow for good absorbtion into the kois body as they do not have a stomach

  1. Feed at the right temperature
  2. Maintain your water quality


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