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Kenko Prazi Guard
Anti Parasite/Fluke De-Wormer

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Praziquantel is used for the treatment of Worms. Flukes (Gill and Body) are a parisite worm. Many times when the koi are flashing or you have new koi in the quarantine they will have flukes. Pure Prazi is 100% Praziquantel with zero additives thus giving the best possible rate of absorbtion into the pond. No additives or fillers are used.

Prazi Guard is dosed per gram. 1 Gram is used to treat 100 gallons of pond water effectively. You can also use this as a bath for the koi. The bath dose is 1 gram for 1 gallon of pond water with heavy areation for 2 minuets or until the koi lays over.

When you suspect that your koi may have flukes then Prazi Guard is the choice.