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ProfiDrum Eco 45/40 RDF
70 Micron Screen 6500 GPH

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Profidrum Eco 45/40

Attain clean, clear water with the Profidrum Eco

RDFs (Rotary Drum Filters) used to only be avaialble in commercial and industrial water filtration applications. They weren't practical for a Koi pond hobbyists due to their size and prohibitive cost. ProfiDrum USA has introduced multiple RDF filtration options that are affordable and scaled down in size for residential Koi pond installations.

Eco series RDF offers the highest quality craftsmanship out of any RDF currently on the market today. This RDF unit is a one time purchase boasting stainless steel parts and a high quality injection molded plastic body and lid. For the koi owners that are looking for the best RDF to supply the cleanest, purest water to your pond. Do it only one time, do it right.

Profidrum Eco 45/40

Filtration Specs

  • Max Flow Rate
  • 6,604 GPH
  • Drum Size (Diameter x Length)
  • 17.7" x 15.7"
  • Water Adjustable Height
  • 15.7"


  • Body Length 29.5"
  • Body Width 20.4"
  • Body Height 17.7"
  • Cover Height 5.5"
  • Total Length 29.5"
  • Total Height 23.2"


  • Inputs 3
  • Input Size 4"
  • Outputs 2
  • Output Size 4"
  • Waste Output Size 3"