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Ki Utsuri Every week Children of the Sun Koi features a special koi. The koi is a fantastic purchase at such a reasonable price! Every koi that is selected is of Japanese breeding...

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"I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that my pond is absolutely beautiful!Thanks for the insight. You help so much and that is rare! Thanks again."
Mike Wilmouth
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Children of the Sun Premium Koi
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Jumbo Tosai Showa

Jumbo Tosai Showa

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Jumbo Tosai Showa

Jumbo Tosai Showa

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Ki Utsuri

Ki Utsuri

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  • Koi Pond Cellars Winery!!!

    Koi Pond Cellars Winery!!!

    Koi Pond Cellars Winery!! Please take a look at this awesome new Winery located in Ridgefield, WA. There is also e-commerce at www.koipondcellars.com!

  • Koi Kichi Auction

    Koi Kichi Auction

    Koi Kichi Auction is Children of the Sun Koi reserved auction site. Here you can find High quality koi at a very reasonable starting price. New koi weekly so be sure to keep in touch.

  • Raising Koi - The Japanese Way

    Raising Koi - The Japanese Way

    Raising Imported Japanese Koi can be rewarding and frustrating. Getting the most out of your koi is ofter over thought. We are examining the Japanese way of raising koi and some helpful point to take to heart and further you koi hobby and education.

  • Hi Silk 21

    Hi Silk 21

    We Now Carry Hi Silk 21! Hi protein diet for your koi. Put on serious weight, body, and color with this unique koi food. Imported from Japan. Supply is limited so get yours now.

  • Feeding Koi

    Feeding Koi

    When selecting the proper food for your Koi the first ingredient should be listed as fish, followed by fish meal and other fish products. Foods where corn is listed as the first ingredient, while more economical, tend to make for overweight and unhealthy Koi.

Welcome to Children of the Sun Koi
Children of the Sun Koi - Imported Japanese Koi

Our Quality Imported Japanese Koi are proven healthy. We always have Japanese koi such as Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Chagoi, Matsuba koi, asagi koi and many more varieties. We constantly have hundreds of koi on hand at all times.

We also stock and use Shinju Koi Food, Hi Silk 21, Manda Fu, Saki Hikari Multi Season and more. If you have questions on what and when to feed your koi let us know and we well be happy to help.

We have many Imported Japanese koi for sale along with koi pond filters, koi food, koi fish supplies and koi pond supply. 100's of koi fish for sale at all times! If you do not see what you are looking for chances are, we have it. Children of the Sun Koi is located in Vancouver, Washington. We also serve many local customers in Portland, Oregon right over the river.

Koi Kichi Auction is the newest addition to Children of the Sun Koi. Here you will find koi prices that are great. The Nishikigoi are of high quality, all Imported Japanese koi from the finest Koi breeders, and start at a low bid price! Have fun and we hope you win a great koi! Look for the latest koi to bid on at Koi Kichi Auction.com.

imported japanese koi

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