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JPD Mud Booster 4.4 lbs.
HQ Koi Clay

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JPD Mud Booster Clay is a extremely high quality clay from the Yasawagi mountain range, Oomori-Cho in the district Yokote-shi Akita. For Japan Pet Design, Clay is a must in raising koi to their highest potential. 

Clay contains a lot of useful minerals and trace elements for the pond. These component are inadequate in your pond and not found in your tap water. Living organisms in your pond, from bacteria to your koi, consume minerals and trace elements, which causes a shortage of these necessary substances.

Japan uses as much clay as possible in the well-known mud ponds. One mud pond is literally formed in the clay, while in the other mud ponds clay is added. A lot of clay is used not only for the out side mud ponds but also inside growing facilities

Isa Koi Farm as well as Dainichi Koi Farm can be seen adding copius amounts of Koi Clay into their green house water on a daily basis. They masters perform this because they know just how important clay is to koi to make they thrive and not just survive. Many other breeders like Momataro and Sakai also use Koi Clay.

A shortage of essential ingredients in your pond water, by easily adding clay you can change your pond water in which your koi not just survive but in which your koi flourish and thrive.

This has very high absorbency. Due to the negative level at the molecular level particles, ion exchange occurs to a large extent.

Neutralises and stores waste, poisons, metals and, to a certain extent, ammonium.
Binding of organic substances such as algae and dyes.
Accelerated removal of unwanted substances into your filter system.
Increased pond water with a soft shine.
Algal growth is significantly suppressed by the removal of nutrients for algae.
Stabilizes the hardness and acidity of your pond water.

Direct advantages of JPD Mud Booster Clay for your koi.

Due to the cleaner pond water with less pressure on unwanted substances, the skin quality of your koi will be strong and  improve.
Addition of minerals that help improve the immune system.
Addition of enzymes for improvement of digestion, prevention of inflammation and tumours, and a better resistance to attacks of viruses.
Addition of trace elements for better repairability in case of damage.
Better sumi development on your koi by addition of calcium and magnesium.
Shiroji (white) of your koi becomes whiter and beni (red) becomes evener and deeper by better distribution of the pigment. Your Koi will also be more beautiful in later years.
The overall health of your koi improves with results in high vitality.

Application of JPD Mud Booster Clay

There are several methods to administer clay to your pond water.
No pond operates under exactly the same conditions and therefore the following methods are one option. It is not possible to overdose with clay because all ingredients are completely harmless.

With an average water change of 10% per week, use 100 grams per 10,000 litres (10m3) of pond water

Clay is required every 2 to 4 weeks. With stirring, dissolve the amount of Mud Booster into a bucket of hand warm (40 ° C) water.

Mix your clay in a bucket for easy handling. Spread the mixed clay over your pond. This should preferably happen near an outlet from your filter or other place where the water is as much movement as possible, this is for a better distribution of the clay.

The remaining clay left in the bottom of the bucket, mix with pond water and add to the pond.

You can also also use clay by adding it to your koi food. The clay remains dry and easily clings to your koi food. With every feed, the clay directly helps the koi, this has a faster effect and benefits for your koi.

After administering a dose of clay, the water depending on the organic contamination and filtration stays cloudy for up to 6 to 12 hours.

After that the water will be brighter than before the administration. 

Finally the JPD Mud Booster, is made in Japan and uses the most pure form of high quality clay minerals with the finest structure possible.

The Montmorillonite content should be higher than 80%, with JPD Mud Booster Clay containing a unique 85%.