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Dainichi Kawari HQ 8"-10"
8-10 inches w/Certificate *Limited*

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/ 10 koi/box

From the absolute BEST BREEDER IN JAPAN. 

Yellow Monkey Bloodline

Karashigoi/Gin Rin Karashigoi/ Gin Rin Red Karashigoi 

Diamond Bloodline

Gin Rin Chagoi/ Gin Rin Soragoi/ Gin Rin Benigoi/ Gin Rin Kawarigoi

Red Tiger Bloodline


Signature Dainichi Black Diamond 

Gin Rin Black Diamiond

* Specify the variety and amount of each at checkout*

All Koi come with a certificate for each koi purchase. Original from Dainichi Koi Farm.