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Torazo Koi Farm Grow Out Event 

This is a 1 year Grow Out featuring Torazo Koi Farm Gosanke and JPD Koi Food. The koi stay at the facility and are cared for. The koi will be in a grow facility and being fed JPD Koi food at the correct season and time. The Grow Out begins 9/1/2018 and ends 9/1/2019. There will be Trophys and Prizes for the Top 4 koi.

Currently as of 8/20/18 all koi are measuring 12.5-16 inches. The winner does not have to be the largest but will be judged by Shinkokai standards. 

You will also be included into the Cotskoi show club Facebook page for the year (invite only). Here will be specials, discounts, first available koi notice and more knowledge to take advantage. Koi pictures and videos in the future will be found here. 

Koi mortality is guaranteed thru the Grow Out. If mortality occurs, koi will be replaced of same purchase value.