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Izumiya Koi Farm

Tosai Yamabuki Ogon from Izumiya Koi Farm Grow Out 2019

The Tosai Grow Out this year at Cots Koi is Yamabuki from the leader in the koi - Izumiya. Koi Purchased will be grown at Cots Koi from March to August. Currently the koi are 18-20cm. Cots Koi will pick the koi for customers. The reason for this is because Tosai will change drastically within a few months. We will pick the best koi for you. They are all very close to the same and with growth we will see how they develop. Koi will ship to you in August. We expect the koi to be 40cm or larger after the Grow Out. There will be Trophy awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Have fun and we will keep all updated on the Grow Out status.

There are two options: 1 koi for $95 and 3 koi for $249. Shipping charges are $65 anywhere in the USA via Aircargo. Shipping will not be charged until the week of shipping the koi.