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Big Black Friday Sale

The koi will be posted at Big Black Friday Sale section and are clearly marked for sale. The sale starts NOW and sales end at 11/27 9pm PST. Free Azukari will be available for certain koi. It will be listed on their picture.

Cotskoi Lucky Draw Event

Black Friday

The Lucky Draw entry has begun and entry ends 11/27 @ 12pm

The price of Class A Gosanke is $3000 each.
The price of Class B Kawarimono/other is $2500 each.
When you add the koi to the cart, this enters you in the raffle free of charge. You will not be charged at all by adding to the cart and checking out. This is simply the best way to collect all your information in case of you winning the lucky draw. Entering twice for the same koi or adding a purchase does not increase your chances at winning.
At the end of the lucky draw we will pull names LIVE at our FACEBOOK page on Friday 11/26/2020 3:00pm.. If we pull your name you win the koi. If you do not commit and pay for the koi by the end of the day (9pm) then you are forfeiting the koi and we will offer to a new customer via another lucky draw. 
There will also be a judging competition on May 1st of 2021 and all Koi are automatically entered. We will be having Shinkokai members judging the koi.
The winner of Class A will receive $1500 to be used on on any Koi we have available.
The winner of Class B will receive $1250 to be used on on any Koi we have available.
The winner of Mature Champ will receive $750 to be used on on any Koi we have available. Mature Champ will be judged from both Class A and B.
There will also be a Tategoi Award that will receive a 11lb bag of JPD koi food of their choice, A Quarantine Medicine Pack by Ishi Kusuri, A trophy, and a custom button up logo shirt featuring logos from the Koi Breeders, Cotskoi and JPD.All awards will also receive these. 
All koi come with Free Shipping, Free boarding until May 1st 2021, Guarantee female, Guarantee Quality, Guarantee Mortality, Certificate of your koi, a cotskoi T-shirt

Please remember that many people will be entering into the lucky draw so we need to perform this as clean as possible and as fair as possible.

Cyber Monday Auction

The Cyber Monday Auction starts at 6am Monday 11/30 and closes at 6pm Monday 11/30. This auction is held at If you are not a user its easy to sign up. Just dont forget the certify the signup via your email. Easy Peasy!

Good Luck on winning and finding your special koi!