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Manda Fu Koi Food
What's Manda?
"Even radish grows this big"

Manda Nishiki is a growth activatin ferment produced exclusively for Koi by fermenting a fine selection of more than 50 defferent fruits and plants for at least 3 years and 3 months. MANDA's originally produced as supplements for pregnant women and now is widely known healty food for human. Because MANDA words to activate all the vital force, even in agriculture industry. it receives high reputation in growth promotion and quality improvements.
By pulling out natural vital force of Nishikigoi, Manda Nishiki will make Nishikigoi very healthy with strong resistance to environmental change and disease.
Manda Nishiki makes your Koi heslthier, bigger and more beautiful.

If you enjoy the time spent feeding your koi, you will want to have Manda Fu on hand year round. With the best digestion rate of 98.2% Manda Fu is the most suitable Koi food for autumn, winter and spring. You can feed your Koi Manda Fu even when the water temperature drops as low as 45F to 50F. In the summertime, your Koi will love this as a treat. Manda Nishiki, a popular Japanese health supplement, is added to Manda Fu promoting health and lustrous color for your Koi. It looks like a big pellet. It is very absorbent, once it touches water; it becomes soft like a sponge. Even small koi are able to chew it. Or, you can crumble a few pieces up and feed your smaller Koi with it. This is a very popular product; make sure you keep a good supply.

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MFU003 Manda Fu 6.5L 1 box $30.00 Add to Cart
MFU001 Manda Fu 13L 1 box $48.00 Add to Cart
MFU004 Manda Fu 6.5L 2 boxes $49.00 Add to Cart
MFU002 Manda Fu 13L 2 boxes $90.00 Add to Cart
Manda Fu Koi Food